Track, summarise and visualise all printing activities – and keep costs in check

Modern printing environments offer a whole host of possibilities – which immediately raises the question of whether all users should have access to all functions. If printing activities are not controlled, the resulting volumes and costs can quickly exceed budgets because accurate allocating or charging back to the originators is impossible. Especially in public environments, printing should only be possible as long as users pay for their prints. And in corporate environments, creating, assigning and managing user roles as well as access rights for printing, copying and scanning can be an extremely time-consuming task. Administrators are at a loss without an accurate and efficient means to track, collect, summarise and visualise where printing activities take place.

For all these reasons, Konica Minolta supports you with comprehensive business services for monitoring, control and reporting. These allow easy tracking and allocation of all print costs.


  • Cost transparency and cost savings
  • Easy print cost control
  • Definition of printing rules – for example duplex printing as default setting

  • Creation and enforcement of individual access rights

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